Beat Maker Software Review

by admin on December 27, 2011

Most musicians make use of online beat maker software programs in order to create their own music beats. You can now get the same effect through these beat maker software programs that are available online. It really makes you wonder about why one spends hefty amount of money on a real studio, when there are best of options available online.

There are various programs related to beat maker software present in the music industry today. However, musicians need to ensure that they choose the best beat maker software that offers optimum results as per their requirements. There are quite a few software programs offering best quality music equivalent to the professional composition. There are best quality beat maker software that comes in highly affordable price, and one such beat maker software is the DubTurbo beat maker software.

Out of all the other beat maker software, one of the most popular and the best beat maker software that fulfils the requirements of everyone is the DubTurbo software. DubTurbo is the wisest decision one can make as it provides uncompressed and clean beats. In addition, it includes a 16 track sequencer that comes in great help to create beats.

About DubTurbo Software

DubTurbo is a Digital Audio Workstation software that consists of all the required options that help in producing good beats on your laptop or computer without making use of expensive equipments. Since the launch of DubTurbo program, there has been a buzz everywhere, especially in the music industry. It is a complete beat making program providing the benefits of countless sounds, which can be used to create your own music pattern in whichever way you want.

It is a program that can be used very easily by anyone who is trying to create beats for songs. This particular beat making software is most ideal for beginners as well as music professionals who are looking for a simplified and quickest method for making beats from home without the requirement of a studio and other equipments. All you need is a personal computer and a microphone to include vocals depending upon your requirements.

What Does DubTurbo Consist Of?

DubTurbo 16 Track Sequencer:

With the help of this particular tool, one can easily and quickly edit the samples, music and beats with simple option of drag and drop as well as the cut and paste functionality. The most beneficial factor is that music can be edited in the sequencer on the fly.


DubTurbo 10 Pad Drum Machine:

This useful tool helps in creating all kinds of beats that you can imagine. You will be capable of editing all the details of the drum pad to ensure you get effective sounds instead of boring drum beats.

DubTurbo 4 Octave Keyboard:

This is one the most effective tools for those, who cannot afford to invest in keyboard or MIDI controller as DubTurbo provides the best solution. You can control the keyboard through your computer keyboard. In addition to this, a sample library is included with numerous samples, so that you can start creating effective sounds instantly.

DubTurbo Features

  • The features of DubTurbo software are very user friendly and can be navigated and used quite easily. This amazingly effective program provides a significant sample package of beats and supportive video tutorials, which help both music experts and beginners. Regardless of the fact that you are a music artist or a producer, the efficiency of this excellent program would help in making best of beats with no hassles.
  • DubTurbo software is indeed one of the best options especially for novices. In addition to this software, one can also download the useful video tutorials. With the help of this software, you can easily create your first track within a span of one hour. DubTurbo software inspires users to create their own tracks and helps in adding some great effects to it. After completing the process of music making, you can simply burn it in a CD. Also, as an alternate option, you can convert them into MP3, WAV or anything you want.
  • The best feature about DubTurbo software is that it covers every base. Actually speaking, you can even produce few cool beats simply within minutes after the software is installed. This is great functioning beat maker software for all kinds of computer such as MAC, PC or IBM.
  • Out of all the features stated above, this beat maker software is utilized for creation of online rap music as you have an option of turning sounds into beats. In addition, there are numerous beats that can be downloaded and used too. With the help of this software, one can set up their own music studio to record tracks and make beats within the comfort of their homes. The software also consists of sophisticated and technical parts, which can be added into your sounds that are either recorded or downloaded online. You can conveniently create the sound effects as well.

DubTurbo Sound Quality

One of the added advantages about DubTurbo software program is that it does not compresses the sound like other beat maker software programs do. DubTurbo software program makes use of uncompressed 44.1 stereo 16 bit WAV file in complete stereo format instead of using MP3s for samples to ensure high quality sound. This feature helps in creating music that does not allow you feel that the music was done through some cheap formation. You will feel like it’s a completely blown music studio.

DubTurbo Benefits

Beat maker program is raving nowadays that aspires the online beat makers and song writers. But, the biggest dilemma is which one to choose from so many beat program software. It is quite difficult to figure out the best one that can suit your requirements. As far as DubTurbo software is concerned, you may want to find out, if it is really worth purchasing. Well, to make your life less complicated, there are few added benefits of DubTurbo listed below. After going through the benefits of DubTurbo, you will be convinced that it is one of the best beat maker software available today.

  • Best Quality Presets and Samples: This benefit is very much essential, when you have positive hopes about creating a good beat. Majority of the beat making software programs provide limited samples and presets. It mainly works out for those, who are keen to upload their work in sites such as YouTube and so on. Also, it would be feasible, if you are involved in doing projects related to home video production. However, if you are a professional songwriter and hoping to create beats and songs that can challenge the big music studios, you will certainly need highest quality samples, which are available in DubTurbo program. The reason why the best quality preset and sample sounds are essential is due to an option available which allows you to switch back and forth among the editing programs such as Cubas or Pro tools. Therefore, while choosing beat maker software, you must think about these considerations. The 44.l Hz Wav files presets and samples are highly essential and they are available in DubTurbo software. With the help of these standard Wav files, one can edit the songs easily on the fly even during the switch back and forth function of the music editor thus rapidly enhancing the process of songwriting.
  • Tailored Drum Kits: No matter how many drum kits you have, they are never enough. If you restrict yourself to use programs with either limited kits or lousy sound drum kits, you may end up stifling your creative skills and limit the eminence of your songs. The base groundwork of your song is formed by drums, so why pick up a beat making software that restricts your abilities when you have numerous drum kits to select from.
  • Up to The Mark Sequencer: There is no dearth of free beat making software programs today but they have limited beats and allow you to create measure loops or 4 bar. This is yet again practical, if you only want to use it for amateur projects just for entertainment and home use. However, if you are serious about becoming a professional songwriter, you certainly need a program that can create a full song. If you have a program with a minimum 16 track sequencer which allows you to layer as well as edit out measures and custom bars then you can easily craft your songs for choruses, hooks, pre choruses, bridges, verses and so on. DubTurbo software provides you these benefits by offering everything that is up to the mark.

In addition to so many benefits, there are other factors that make DubTurbo software one of the best in professional sound beats. DubTurbo software has the ability to transform the songwriting skills to the higher level.

DubTurbo Money Back Guarantee

The money guarantee scheme of DubTurbo helps you get back the complete refund, if you are not satisfied with the services and performances. The money back scheme offer is valid for 60 days and you need to report within 60 days as per the policy of the scheme.

DubTurbo Cost

Majority of the beat making programs nowadays cost less, when compared to a typical drum module or drum machine. However, DubTurbo software program in particular is one of the cost effective software programs available in the industry today. It includes varied list of tools and samples that can help in creating best of beats. The drum modules and drum machines are more expensive than that of DubTurbo software program. Well, if you are on the lookout of a product that can easily fit in your budget, you can go for DubTurbo software program as it is the best option as far as beat making is concerned. This particular beat making software is priced at $39.95.


Thus, creating music with DubTurbo software is only a few clicks away. The beat maker software has received several positive reviews from novices, software testers and top musicians too. Also, the general consumers have also used this software and have expressed their positive views and satisfaction about this exclusive product. With its easy to use interface and the video tutorials you get an opportunity to learn how to create your own beats, mixed beats and sounds all at once. If you are planning to start your career in the music production field and trying to create a portfolio for some paid work, DubTurbo beat maker software program will certainly help you get right there.


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