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by admin on December 27, 2011

If you are a music lover or DJ or a music producer and if you do not want to spend so much of time and money for recording music in studios, you should know about Digital BeatMaker available these days in the market.

However, all the BeatMakers are not worth using and many of them are very expensive. Such software will let your audience down and they feel that you have crafted the music very badly as those BeatMakers might have poor samples and loops. Also, the samples are in MP3 format, which most of the producers do not accept. Though some of them do wonders, an average consumer cannot do well with them because they mostly are complicated or overloaded with too many unnecessary functions.

Though many of the BeatMakers do not help your needs, few of them are very helpful that you can compose wonderful music tracks with them. DUBturbo is one such Digital BeatMaker that allows users to produce sounds that look very similar to the ones that are composed by professionals in a recording studio. DUBturbo guides you through each and every step of creating a sound track such as drum beats for background score, creating melodies, modulating the track speed and also you can add special effects to the tracks that make them awesome and finally bring appreciations to you.

DUBturbo Key Benefits

  • Thousands of samples available that are added every month
  • Updated every month with fresh beats that help you always create fresh tunes
  • Outstanding studio quality music with high quality output
  • Helps you burn CDs of the created tracks easily
  • Complete functional keyboard that adds rhythm to the tunes
  • Step by step demonstrations through video tutorials that help the consumers to create quality tracks from the first song onwards
  • Create tracks quickly and easily
  • Thousands of drum sounds and kits that you can select from to create different types of music tracks
  • Helpful for beginners as well as advanced users to create professional sounds that are usually recorded in a studio

Who Can Use DUBturbo


Even a beginner can easily use DUBturbo and create sounds like a professional. In fact if you have love for music and willing to create your own tunes and tracks, DUBturbo will take care of the rest. You get access to video tutorials that have a step by step guidance to create awesome tunes. You do not need to worry about where to start from to produce unique and excellent sounds that are playing currently in your mind. Just visit the official website and download the software. It will help you produce wonderful music just in a matter of few hours. As DUBturbo works on upgrading more sounds to the software, you will never run out of choice.

DUBturbo interface is a unique and simple to use interface with which anyone can produce professional sounds. The basic set up is designed having beginners in mind and offers the users easy single click choices so that the program is ready to use immediately. Once the program is loaded, you can produce excellent sounds right away using the drum and keyboard. Your work with DUBturbo does not let the listeners know that you are a beginner.


Though the basic setup is created for beginners, it also has many advanced features that help even the professionals to achieve studio quality sound within minutes at their comfort level. Though you are a professional music composer and have access to studios that are well equipped with latest instruments, sometimes you may not be satisfied with the work you have created because it just does not do well for you at times. In such case, you should definitely check for a correct partner like DUBturbo. This program does exactly what it promises. It helps you create wonders and you will be surprised with its reasonable price for this quality. It is capable of creating studio quality sound tracks and has been reviewed by many claiming that it can add quality to the studio produced sounds.

DUBturbo does not disappoint your needs whatever music genre you are into. It is worth trying especially when you are into heavy based or rock music. It does not compromise on sound and quality when it comes to such type of music.

DUBturbo Features

The following features make DUBturbo to stand uniquely from its competitors.

The Sequencer

The sequencer is just like the heart of the Digital Music Production Software. You will be actually forming the lay out of the songs or add new ones or edit them here in the sequencer. DUBturbo’s sequencer supports 16 complete stereo tracks where you can place keyboards, drums or any instrument. You can produce your own samples or browse through thousands of numerous samples quickly with just a few clicks. Producing sounds with this sequencer is very easy and simple. You just need to draw the measures on the DUBturbo sequencer and include a loop into the sound.  If you are not able to make tracks with this interface, it is really hard for you to produce sounds with any other Digital Music Production Software because this is the easiest interface to understand and compose the tracks.

In addition, this sequencer supports some shortcuts while working with the tracks. You can mute, edit, cut the tempo or select various drum kits. DUBturbo Sequencer is top notch when it comes to usability. You can put the metronome if necessary. After completing, the user can edit songs easily and master them to studio quality of 44.1 wav.

The Drum Machine

DUBturbo’s Drum Machine is a perfect solution for those who are not able to find their drum pattern in the samples or if they simply need a unique drum pattern. This drum machine helps them to create their own drum patterns with a few clicks or simply they can pack them right along with track. This drum machine contains above 40 kits and each kit includes 10 pads. For those who want more can import their own kits and pads with the tracks they own. You can customize each pad in volume to mix it perfectly. It produces sound tracks that truly sound like real drum beats. This drum machine is completely mastered 44.1 studio quality one.

The Sampling Keyboard

DUBturbo’s sampling keyboard includes 4 octaves to help you produce your own melodies. Your PC Keyboard controls 2 octaves and the mouse controls the other two octaves. It does not require you to buy any midi keyboard; it runs very smoothly and works greatly. The built-in keyboard sounds are awesome and include various sounds including hip hop beats. The best thing about DUBturbo sampling keyboard is that you no more need to look for external keyboards to use it. Also it does not require any expensive wires or sound cards to place around. Everything runs smoothly so that you can focus more on producing excellent beats within minutes.

The Samples

Samples are very important to be included in any Digital Music Production Software. You can never produce a professional beat without having access or ability to great samples to utilize the music standards of 44.1, 16 bit stereo samples. It is a real waste of time to spend money on packages that do not have wav-format. DUBturbo supports wav-format. DUBturbo’s sample library is vast and includes a great mixture of various genres. All these samples are not from old trash found in the web or up-scaled MP3 samples; these are completely created, edited and mastered by DUBturbo team. Also, if you have some of your favorite samples with you, you can import them to DUBturbo to use them if necessary.

DUBturbo InstallationHere you are going to learn the system requirements and installation process of DUBturbo Digital Music Production Software. Once you purchase DUBturbo, you can immediately login into your account to access the member’s area where you can view and download the latest version of DUBturbo quickly. The file is about 190 MB of size which takes just a few minutes. Before installing the downloaded software, you should make sure that you have adobe air installed which can be downloaded for free from adobe’s official website. This is needed for the compatibility.

Now, you can install the DUBturbo software just like any other software. Also you can find video tutorials that have step by step guidance from installation to usage. Like other similar software, DUBturbo does not need you to go through huge set of audio settings or configuration of the software. It activates instantly once you launch it for the first time.

How to Make a Beat with DUBturbo

Till now you have learnt what does the software contain and how to install the software. Here you are going to learn how to create stunning beats with DUBturbo. It is not only simple but also easy and will produce professional level beats that are produced at recording studios.

Set the Tempo

DUBturbo does not require you to worry about any sound problems, plug-ins, inputs or other complicated things like wiring different types of gears to the machine. You can straight away create the first stunning beats soon after installing the software. However, to get maximum quality, first you need to adjust the tempo of the beat. Metronome is the recommended switch. You can simply place in the tempo and then enable metronome. You can click on the play button to know how fast the track is playing and can change the tempo according to your requirement. You can change tempo later as well whenever required.

Add a Drum Track

To create the drum track, you need to click on the pencil tool on the tool bar and draw a drum track or drum part. That is it; your first drum track is created. Once you click on the drum track, the drum editor can be viewed. DUBturbo’s editor is easier to access than the other editors. You can play the tracks on the keyboard in real-time. If you are not happy with the drum kit, you can just change it anytime.

Adding Keys

Along with drum beats, you also need to produce some melodies. Again you need to draw a key section with the pencil tool and open the editor. You need to select the instrument and draw the notes or place them using the keyboard with the drum track looping to hear the composed track. You can edit the completed one just by moving the notes around the track. They will come back to the proper places so that you need not worry about the timing. All the possible issues faced during the creation of killer beats are kept in mind while designing this software. You can select different instruments that best suits your creation.

Editing and Finishing Up

Once everything is done, you need to edit the completed track to perfect it. Here, you can remove the unwanted parts and the duplicate parts to bring the track to full length. Usually with DUBturbo you do not feel like changing anything as the volumes harmonize very nicely. However, when you think that the bass needs simply a bit more of punch, you can increase the volume on the go and you can hear the results. You can combine it perfectly to produce your own unique beat. You will notice a stunning result.

DUBturbo Support

DUBturbo excels in its customer support area. People obviously need this little extra support when coming to music creation software. DUBturbo surely does not let you down. They have technical and customer support team that runs 24/7/365. They are ready to help you anytime with the product related queries. They can also help you with regards to making best use of the program.

First, you can just go through DUBturbo’s FAQ section in the member’s area to find out the answer for your query. If you do not find any solution there, you can contact the customer support team. All your questions are answered quickly in a friendly manner.

Money Back Guarantee

You will definitely like the DUBturbo if you are seriously looking for perfect music production software. However, if you do not like the software for any reason or if you are not satisfied, you can claim for full money back. You can simply contact the support team to say that you are not satisfied with the software. Without any question being asked, you will receive the complete refund within a short period.

Bottom Line

Now what else you want to know more? Many recording studio software that are available in the market do not stand up to the mark and they are not suitable for producing perfect beats. Also, some of them are developed with complicated features which many users find using them difficult and they are costly too. DUBturbo not only has worth usage features but it is also very simple to use. So, if one finds using DUBturbo difficult then he can never find any other suitable music production software in the market. You can create numerous stunning beats with this software that will make you proud to be an owner of DUBturbo.


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