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by admin on December 27, 2011

Finding the appropriate music making software that can fit into your music making requirements is certainly not an easy task especially, when there are so many options of music making software available today. All music making software makers claim that their software is the best and it becomes too difficult to figure out the most effective one. So, to help you make the right choice in finding the best music making software for your specific needs and pocket, the groundwork has been done on one of the most brilliant music software available in the online music industry, which is quite popularly known as DUBturbo. DUBturbo is the music making software that provides you with myriads of options to make the music and beats you want. Your dream of becoming a music producer will no longer be a dream as DUBturbo will indeed turn into reality.

About DUBturbo

DUBturbo is a software program that aids professional music producers and novices to make some mind blowing music beats. It is a Digital Audio Workstation featuring all the components one needs to make some outstanding rap beats, hip hop beats and more. You can create beats that you always wanted with the help of this exclusive music software known as DUBturbo. This particular music making software helps individuals to begin creating their own   music and beats in a quick and hassle free manner. DUBturbo software also encourages people with no prior experience in music production create music without going through the hassle of music classes and understanding its theories.

DUBturbo Package

  • DUBturbo 2.0 Software
  • 4 Packs of Premium Samples
  • Mood Royalty & Move Free
  • Training Videos
  • DT Instrumentals
  • Premium Updates When the Kit gets updated

DUBturbo Features

DT Sequencer: You can find keyboard shortcuts all around you to produce music at a higher pace. The panel layout and production tools make it simple to use and easy to switch to other software in the near future. The DT sequencer links you to contestants as well as submission section. The DT sequencer includes:

  • 16 tracks consisting of stereo booming music
  • Easily trigger or draw in sounds along with keyboard shortcuts
  • Build in 2 clicks and draw in bars
  • Drag and copy the bars
  • 1000s of drums and sounds
  • Live recording feature
  • Edit tempo, go solo, save, mute, edit volumes and more
  • Export studio quality 44.1 sounds

Drum Machine Panel: In the drum machine panel, you will find that every pad has been assigned with a keyboard trigger in order to bang in beats onto the keyboard. The Drum Machine panel consists of the following:

  • 10 pads with every kit, over 40 kits
  • Beats can be easily recorded with triggers or it can be drawn in too
  • Interchanging kit selection feature
  • The volume of every pad can be edited
  • Sounds can be moved around by erasing it with ease
  • Each and every drum is mastered
  • Stereo imaging all around making your beat sound full
  • Export complete tracks or simply the drums

4 Octave Keyboard: Out of the four keyboards, two are controlled by the keyboard you type on so that melodies can be played using those keys. No requirement of MIDI Controllers as it is stand alone. You can get bells, bass, quirks, hip hop hits, pianos, Saxes and so on. Also, the sounds can be imported easily. The octave keyboard consists of the following:

  • 4 complete octave keyboards 
  • You can simply play or record with the keyboard or draw in melodies
  • The instrument selection can be changed
  • Volume of every sample can be edited
  • Notes can be erased and sounds can be moved around
  • 1000’s of stereo imaged and mastered sounds
  • Quantize the recording automatically

DUBturbo Benefits

Studio Quality Music & Beats: One of the major benefits of DUBturbo software is that the tunes and beats that you create are studio quality as it does not allow sound to get compressed like other music maker software present in the market today. Hence, selling beats created via DUBturbo music making software is quite simple. If you are planning to become a professional music producer, you can make best use of DUBturbo software as it provides all the tools that are essential to pursue music as your career.

Easy to Use Interface: DUBturbo is a music making software that can be used with ease as it does not have too many setbacks. The interface of DUBturbo is very simple like that of a basic computer program. All you need to do is click and drag in order to create an easy way for wonderful beats and tunes.

Master the Sound Mixing Art With Ease: With the help of a 16 track sequencer, DUBturbo music making software guides even a beginner about the basics of sound mixing. You can easily learn mixing sounds and also practice skills without investing on expensive equipments through this Digital Audio Workstation.

Get Your Tunes Right: You can import sounds of your own in order to create the style of music you wish. You can conveniently add your own sounds to 2,000 and above sounds. By using DUBturbo software, you can be rest assured to get the tune or beat simply right. This is yet another benefit that comes in great use for music producers.

Make Music a Profession: DUBturbo is an excellent tool for people, who are in the process of learning how to mix sounds and beats together. If you are keen to build a career in the music field for paid work, DUBturbo music software will definitely help you to ensure you get there.

DUBturbo Video Tutorials: You can avail a complete video training course that takes you through every detail of DUBturbo software. The video tutorials help in teaching ways to structure music step by step that includes urban flavor beats too. even for those, who are completely new in this field will end up making some amazing tunes and beats in no time.

DUBturbo Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the performance of DUBturbo music maker software, you will get 100% of money back. The money back guarantee scheme of DUBturbo is applicable for a period of 60 days. Hence, in order to avail complete refund, one needs to request for refund within 60 days.

DUBturbo Cost

Most of the music making software programs are quite reasonably priced, when compared to that of a typical drum machine or drum module. All in all, DUBturbo music software is one of the most effective music maker software not only in terms of cost but, also in terms of its efficiency. The software program consists of wide range of samples that helps to create some excellent music beats. If you are looking for a music maker software program that fits in your budget, you can certainly consider DUBturbo as it is one of the most reasonable music maker software present in the music industry. The DUBturbo music software would cost around $ 39.95.


All in all, creating beats with the help of DUBturbo software is simply few clicks away. There are several feedbacks updated by users on the performance of DUBturbo. The positive reviews from top musicians, software testers and novices can be found in several websites on the internet. In addition, even the regular consumers have used this software and expressed their satisfaction towards this fabulous beat making software. One can easily learn how to mix beats, create beats and sounds at once. So, if you are keen to make a career in the field of music and want to create a portfolio for paid work, DUBturbo software is the most ideal choice one can think of.


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