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by admin on December 27, 2011

Music production software is a program that helps people in mixing beats with other sounds or vocal. Such music production software allows you to mix music and create beats from the comfort of your home instead of setting up a real functional studio.

Since this software has been made to work on a completely automated manner your time spent on music production would be minimized. Also a single person can control all the works of the studio thus reducing manpower to a minimum, especially at this time of global monetary crisis. This helps a lot in reducing your money spent on manpower.

Getting Started

There is a number of music production software available in the market and not all of them are meant for everyone. The first thing you need to do is to explore yourself, what you want to do? What is your actual purpose for using the music production software? Do you want to make your own sound? Are you looking for a way to make sound tracks for some video?

Well these are some criterion you have to ponder upon before zeroing down on any music production software.

Desired Features in a Music Production Software

Here is a list of the features that are highly desired in music production software.

  • Capability to produce high quality music such as the ones that you hear in top hit music and music clubs. For such an effect you need to have software that is capable of exporting sounds as 44.1 – stereo – 16 BIT. Wav files.
  • The software must have a 16 track sequencer with good collection of music library that would allow you to control the volume and edit beats.
  • Software that offers key board short cuts will be a pretty good option as it allows you to play drum beats and other music notes with the help of your computer keyboard.
  •  Good music production software should allow you to control master expert volume, have good metronome, and also bar counts. Programs with less than 4 bar count cannot draw-in bars easily.
  • A well crafted drum sequencer and editor can help you to drag in your sound beats, edit your sounds. And it should also allow you to select drum kit easily.
  • Any good quality music production software should allow you to edit the volume of each pad and each pad should be assigned to separate key board triggers.
  • It should export any file created in .wav format or mp3 format.
  • The tempo of your music depends on the beats per minute. Hence good music production software must allow you to control bpm.
  • And the most important- it should be less expensive.

Options to Purchase Music Production Software

There are two ways of purchasing music production software, which include buying directly from the website where the software is marketed and offline from retail software outlets.

Purchasing software online would be the best option mainly because of the ease to get the best quality download and also online purchase does not require you to spend much time. For an online purchase you will just need your laptop to look vendors around the globe.

A lot of your time can be wasted if you are going to purchase offline searching from one shop to another and also you will not get a proper review of the product.

Things That You Should Avoid While Buying Music Production Software

There are so many different kinds of music production software available in the market that you would be confused once you begin the process of purchasing.

It is always advisable to make a thorough research of the software that you desire. Look in for the features provided, offers and discounts available; compare the pricing with the features so that you may get maximum benefits out of your money.

Always look for positive reviews of the software and make sure they are genuine. Some companies would be selling worthless product with a lot of advertising, be careful to avoid them.

Be careful to avoid purchasing software that does not allow you to edit or erase your files according to your wish. This is very important especially if you are not a professional musician, because there would be lots of instances where you would need to re-edit and erase some tracks added.

Do you want your talent to be appreciated by others?  Then avoid the purchasing of software that does not allow you to send files to your friends. So purchase only the music production software that gives the comfort of exporting and importing files.

Dub Turbo

As far, Dub Turbo has excelled itself in terms of features and worthiness when compared to every other software in the market. It is the number one software to be recommended for both beginners and professionals.

It is an easy and fast way to make your beats without the difficulty of investing large amounts in real studios.

It offers many features like key board shortcuts, drag in files, as well as control the volume of each pad. It exports files with wav format that guarantees industry standard.

Any style of music can be created with Dub Turbo music production software. It is the reason why dub turbo is the number one among music production software.

Sonic Producer

Sonic producer comes second in rating among the music production software. It offers a 16 track sequencer with good collection of beats and it exports files in mp3 format.

It also allows you to mix any beats. Though many of its features are similar to Dub Turbo, it has a less professional touch to it and hence cannot be used for producing professional music.


Although both Dub Turbo and Sonic Producer are offered at a very low price of $29.95, Dub Turbo is the number one software to create beats for both amateurs and professionals. And Sonic Producer being the second best helps you to make beats with usefulness but not on a broad spectrum.

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